Sunday, December 4, 2011

(One of the 50) Best of 2011?!

The Woodcutter and The Most Beautiful Tree
Got some good news from the undeniably astute folks over at Woodcutter and The Most Beautiful Tree has been named to Kirkus Reviews' Best of 2011!  It's one of 50 or so independently published books to make the list, so that feels pretty good.

Damn.  I guess it's been about a year now since that pallet of 1000 books was delivered to my parents' house. I'm so happy to report that, thanks to my generous, supportive, and all-around kickass network of friends and family, and an incredibly supportive community in Rockford and Grand Rapids, I've exceeded all my expectations for this first printing.

To date, I have sold, given away, or lost track of 900+ copies of TWaTMBT (not the most flattering acronym, I know).  I still have some copies on hand for people I run into that are interested in picking one up; but, for the most part, I tend to recommend people get their books from the local shops.  These small operations in A2, GR, and Rockford have been so incredible in their support of such a small fish in such a big, terrifying pond.  A big thank you going out to:

Aunt Candy's Toy Company (Rockford)
Karen's Candy and Gifts (Rockford)
Hop Scotch Children's Store (GR)
Plaza Essentials Gift Shop - in the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel (GR)
Muddpuddles (A2)
Fun 4 All (A2)
Vault of Midnight (A2)
Crazy Wisdom (A2)
Tree Town Toys (A2)

Please check these places out!  And if you're wanting to get a copy of the book, they might have some to sell.  Or, you can get it on amazon.  And if you missed the Kirkus review, check 'er out HERE.

I'm still pretty bad at getting interviewed, further evidence of which can be seen HERE.


  1. Oh wow! I was directed here by another blog and I'm so glad I was! I'm a writer teaching in Korea and our book will be published when we get back to the states.

    Love your interview! :D I've done some invasive species removal in MN. Thankfully, none of the bushes up and talked to me. Good luck!

  2. Ahh, that's awesome! Best of luck with your book and teaching. Thanks for stopping by :)