Thursday, October 7, 2010

Front cover finished

I finished the cover illustration for "The Woodcutter and the Most Beautiful Tree" earlier this week and took it to the printer to get some digital scans and a print.  Now, hopefully, I can start working on getting the book to press.  

I think I'd like to have the text off to one side, like this:

"Anansi the Spider" and "Arrow to the Sun," both by Gerald McDermott, were two of my favorite books as a child and remain great sources of inspiration for me as one who aspires to be an artist, author, and illustrator.  The illustrations are beautifully done (Caldecotts all day, son) and the stories are sweet and simple re-tellings of old folktales.  If you've not read them, do yourself a favor and check them out; they are timeless classics.


  1. congratulations, that is very exciting news and such a wonderful tree!

  2. Thanks, Tammie! I'm so glad you stopped-by :-)

  3. damn, maybe i shouldn't of made those into wheel cover. maybe they were going to be priceless someday. well, i guess you made them to be wheel covers, i think i'll have to commission at least one more pair soon.

  4. Just lemme know. I'm gonna try and get some UV protectant spray so the images don't fade.