Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tsukuba Ham

This is a re-imagining of an earlier work entitled "Billy George Jr."  I decided to go for a simpler design on the marbling of the meat.  I'm not sure I like the placement of the meat on the table (looks a little flat) or the light reflecting on the pooling blood (looks a little bad).  Also, the goblet/chalice might be a little over-done.  Any thoughts?


  1. Hi, Robb! I immediately loved the goblet, and had a hard time looking away from it. I really think it is beautiful. I guess the very nicest part is the bulbous bottom of the vessel (the spherical-looking bit). It's really great that the contents of the glass are black. The only change I could possibly suggest is: I wonder if there is too much reflection coming from the narrowest part of the vessel (just below the fluting-out at the top). It feels slightly odd that the entire width of the goblet at that height is so reflective.

    I also love the green light cast on the meat from the goblet.

    I also agree that the light reflecting on the the pooling blood feels not quite right.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Kate! And thanks for stopping by :D

  3. Methinks the meat needs a little more... "life"... in it's deadness, of course. What I mean is to bring the influence of gravity into it... let the slice droop a little, or maybe a squish where it contacts the table.

    but that might be too real if you're going for surreal. In which case, I would recommend levitating the ham. Better yet, levitating madonna-esque glowing ham from the heavens.

    - SomeTimePoloist