Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Those who can't do...

I am still very much in love with the idea of some day becoming an art teacher.  I really enjoy watching other people create art and I had a blast as an English teacher for almost 2 years in Japan.  For some reason, I more-often feel a deeper connection when I am looking at another's artwork than when someone else is looking at mine.  I don't rightly know why that is.  Maybe it's because I am afforded so few opportunities to see other people's creations.  Most of the people in my life don't consider themselves artists(ic) and, I think for most, the idea of putting pencil or brush to paper can be intimidating in-and-of itself, nevermind having to show the final product to someone else.  But on the rare occasion that I do get to see something my friends or family members have created, I am always inspired and deeply grateful for the opportunity to share in their vision.

Here I am with an ad hoc pupil during an impromptu lemon-juice painting session at Baker Co-op.  
Learning is fun!  Teaching is fun!


  1. this is the last known photograph of robert johnston. if you have any information leading about his whereabouts, please contact local law enforcement.

  2. Hey Robb!! You are the main artist. At least in my opinion.
    I think you need to work on it, go and study and share it. It is a gift given to you and you would make the world a better place if you would share as much as possible. A teacher !! Yes, you would be a great one.
    xxx Erla
    PS. I hope you are having fun!